Y-R Integrity can help you in all areas of Telephony such as video conferencing, VOIP, and IP Telephony as well as setting up telephone jacks and other inside wiring jobs needed to connect your home or business to a telephony system.


Y-R Integrity can help you with your installation and configuration needs for CCTV. They have successfully installed many types of CCTV systems including those made by Honeywell. Whatever kind of security camera needs you may have, Y-R Integrity can get you set up.

Data Networking:

Y-R Integrity handles all aspects of Data Networking including: cabling, installing/configuring your TCP/IP network, SONET, LAN, SAN, WAN, and any other network that you need. Whatever equipment you have, Y-R Integrity can help you with it. They specialize in dealing with data networking needs involving NIC's, repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, routers, firewalls, and any other appliance your data network uses.

Specialty Wiring:

Y-R Integrity specializes in "thinking outside the box" when it comes to wiring scenarios that you may think are not possible. If something can be wired, Y-R Integrity can provide a solution. Even if you believe a wiring project is "impossible" give Y-R Integrity the details to see if they can make your impossibility a reality.


Y-R Integrity provides a whole host of electrical capabilities with many licensed electricians on staff. If you need to install new electrical components or maintain and repair existing electrical infrastructure Y-R Integrity can handle the job.

Renewable Energy:

Y-R Integrity is available to help with all of your renewable energy needs. This includes providing a site assessment to come up with a design based on your needs. Y-R Integrity has staff that are certified to do Solar installations. Installations can range from as little as one solar panel to as many as you may need! Y-R Integrity can help get utility bills down and help your home or business on its way to becoming a "net 0" home or business.

Data Line Testing:

Y-R Integrity can provide line testing on many types of data lines including DSL, Cable, and T1 lines. Lines can be tested in many ways including: data rates, bit-rates, and fault-rate tests.


Y-R Integrity can help you setup, test, and configure your satellite connection.


Y-R Integrity can help you with all of your cable needs. This includes setting up cable connections and coaxial plates around your facility, physical installation of Cat5E, Cat6 or other cables, and integrity of the network by doing data line testing.